Discovering some art

Did you know that in the beautiful districts of Paris are hiding, here and there, workshops where small expert hands renovate every day length tapestries and antique rugs? Real treasures whose value can rise to several tens of
thousands of euros find a second life after the damage of time, among other mishaps.
And if it turned out that one of those precious things was sleeping in your house? In the attic, in the cellar or at grandma’s in the country. Because of a little worn, a little hole or just a small stain… The Carpet Clinic gives you the opportunity to discover the true value of wonders from all over the world, having gone through modes and eras.

The perfect restoration

Everything is done to restore this precious object to its original appearance. We are concerned by perfection even for the smallest details. We begin by recreating pigments of precise colors to dye the threads that will blend into the whole of the original pattern. Then, the reweaving is entrusted to the most possible experienced hands : that is to say having the same origin as the carpet itself! Only an Iranian can repair a carpet of Persia in a perfect way. Only an Afghan
will know all the secrets of a weaving made in the country of his childhood. And real miracles happen: holes are
filled, colors born again, spots disappear… All in front of the amazed eyes of passersby who, through the window, see the work of these workshops come true.