The master
To have the vocation, said Stendhal, is to be passionate by his profession! David Fitoussi knows something about it. Third generation of a family passionate about this craft, he now manages masterfully The Carpet Clinic, created in 1962 by his grandfather. And it is this love for this craft inherited that leads him to the ultimate requirement… He takes care of these precious objects with the greatest rules of art. David has only one leitmotiv: perfection.
The expert
David Fitoussi, already a great specialist, has decided to get even more experience. That’s why one of the world’s leading experts in antique carpets, tapestries and kilims came to help him. Frank Kassapian is descended from a family of collectors of oriental art from Constantinople.
He is of the second generation of experts in the field. This enthusiast also made his arms with an English importer and practiced his art with the biggest houses such as Drouot in Paris or Christie’s in London. For him, carpets and tapestries are “real paintings, works of precision, culture and intelligence”. It is therefore not surprising that very demanding museums, hotels and private people call the CDT to take care of these wonderful collectibles. One of them may be sleeping in your home…
Recognized audit and advice of CDT: Thanks to skills recognized by most important art galleries devoted to antique rugs and tapestries, The Clinic of Carpet intervenes and advises for the restoration of contemporary rugs to the greatest designers.
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