Our services

The perfect restoration.
Everything is done to restore this precious object to its original appearance. We are concerned by perfection even for the smallest details. We begin by recreating pigments of precise colors to dye the threads that will blend into the whole of the original pattern. Then, the reweaving is entrusted to the most possible experienced hands : that is to say having the same origin as the carpet itself! Only an Iranian can repair a carpet of Persia in a perfect way. Only an Afghan
will know all the secrets of a weaving made in the country of his childhood. And real miracles happen: holes are
filled, colors born again, spots disappear… All in front of the amazed eyes of passersby who, through the window, see the work of these workshops come true.
The maintenance.
Once the treasure is saved, an appropriate maintenance is fundamental. To preserve the brilliance of colors through years and transmit an intact heritage to the future generations. A regular cleaning and done in the rules of the art is essential. That is why CDT offers the most gentle techniques which are the most respectful of the nobility of the wires.